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where are we now and how can you make money? that's it for tonight. thank you for joining us. have a great night command receive back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. top-secret documents and classified information now at the center of the david patraeus scandal. the fbi confirms a classified document was found on the computer while reporting that there is nothing to indicate that those documents in question came from patraeus. this is as we learn that sensitive, classified information about the cia aniks in benghazi and the presence and captured libyan terrorists. the statement came during a speech at hurt, moderate, the university of denver on october 26. the cia flat at denies that any
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terrorists were held in benghazi. this is part of that cia statement, reading in the suggestion that the agency is still in the detention business is uninformed, and baseless. fox news is siding to sources in benghazi and a high level official in washington, off three of whom corroborate the statements about the holding of terrorists. coincidentally or not, that 26 of october is the same day that to journalists for foreign policy magazine discovered classified documents detailing security concerns in benghazi. they found those documents lying on the floor of what remained of the u.s. consulate. that, three weeks after the fbi had finally made its way to benghazi to conduct an investigation, an investigation that took less than a day. there has been no explanation as to why the fbi left those classified state department papers on the ground.
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adding to the coincidences' c'mon the 26 of october, it was on that date that fox news cia operators on the ground in benghazi had asked for, and were denied help four times during the course of the 7-hour assault ambassador christopher stephens, foreign service officer sean smith and cia operatives tie ron woods and glendora the from both former seals were killed in a firefight that move from the cause led to the cia and makes a mile away. a cautionary note tonight, if i may. we want to be very clear that what we are reporting, regardless of sources, of the very best journalists anywhere. and on this broadcast we work diligently to be absolutely straightforward with you, so i hope you will join us in strong, clear-eyed skepticism as we try to come to a clear understanding of what has happened and what is happening in washington and what
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happened and why in benghazi. we take all of this appear tonight. its effect on the benghazi investigation, the national security avocations, and how america will likely conduct its intelligence operations moving forward. a roster of experts and insiders tonight, including washington beat and senior editor, fox is middle east affairs analyst, and the "a-team," best-selling author, "wall street journal" opinion page editor, weekly standard senior editor, fred barnes, among our guests. we begin with new details on the relationship between patraeus and his alleged mattress -- mistress. exactly when the affair began, how the fbi started its investigation, who knew what and when, and the validity of his statements about the benghazi's cia aniks. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin with our report.
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>> general patraeus told friends he had an affair that started two months after he left the military, around the same time he took over at the cia in september 2011. that is been nearly a year together in afghanistan while she research is biography, all in the education of david patraeus, he says the affair ended four months ago. here is how she described her mentor. >> everybody says this man is such a military genius. this man is seen doing things that no one else is ever done before. true. >> he is quite a genius. i think he is able to balance on many different levels of thinking. i don't think all senior military officers do. there are many who do. >> the fbi became aware that the cia director's mistress was sending harassing e-mails from several dummy accounts to this woman, joe kelly, a patraeus family friend who lived in tampa , florida. the family of to spend the holidays with david patraeus and
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his wife molly. the fbi became concerned that an attempt was being made to blackmail the cia director and confronted him about the affair with in the last six weeks. it wrapped up the investigation with bravos second and final interview four days before the election. patraeus submitted his resignation to the president thursday, two days after the election, and a week before he was to testify on capitol hill in closed-door intelligence briefings about benghazi. he no longer plans to testify. now, there are concerns that brought well may have revealed a secret in the nation about the benghazi investigation that she gleaned from our relationship with patraeus. >> now, i don't know if a lot of you have heard this, but the cia and exit actually taken a couple of libyan militia members prisoner. they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. still being vetted. >> a well-placed washington source into security contractors tell fox, the libyan militiamen held at the cia and next may be
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a possible motivating factor for the attack. the cia denies it had aay prisoners. the cia has not had the attention of authorities since january 2009, when executive order 13491 was issued. any suggestion that the agency is still in the detention business is uninformed and baseless. the patraeus resignation comes at a time when the administration is facing questions about the attacks and benghazi. the affair had been suspected among patraeus is in a circle. three separate intelligence sources say the president's top counter-terrorism adviser, john brennan, was told about the affair in the summer of 2011. the white house denies this. lou: thank you. jennifer griffin, fox is national security correspondent. david patraeus will not a fear of for congress to answer congressional cuts -- questions about benghazi. lawmakers still want to hear from him at some point. they also want to know why they were not briefed by the fbi before news of the affair broke
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friday. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katharine heritage has the latest on that ankle. >> although the investigation began as early as june, the chair and ranking members of the house and senate intelligence committees were not notified that the cia director and is alleged lover have fallen within the scope of an fbi investigation. >> received no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. >> with a half-dozen hearings scheduled this week on benghazi, acting cia director mike morale is expected to take general patraeus is placed. lawmakers say their options are open and they intend to ask patraeus to voluntarily appear as a private citizen or if necessary use subpoena power down the road. >> i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi before, during, and after the attack if general patraeus does not testify. >> benghazi's kandel can no longer be pigeonholed as a republican issue.
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>> are you going to investigate why the fbi did not notify you? >> yes. absolutely. i mean, this is something that could have had an effect on national security. >> former justice department officials and fbi investigators pointed title 50 which governs national security and defense issues with section 413 and 413 a dealing with notification reading in part, shall keep the congressional intelligence committees fully and currently informed of all intelligence activities. but the question is whether or not this qualifies as an intelligence activity. and i think that if you look at the statute through the prism of its purpose, mainly keeping the relevant congressional committees informed, is absoluteey is something that would be highly relevant to the committee's oversight function. >> a former deputy assistant attorney general under president bush says the notification chain would run from the fbi case agents in the field to their boss, the fbi director. his boss, attorney-general eric holder. >> the attorney-general, it is
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his obligation to notify the relevant congressional committees. in some cases he might want to notify the white house or live in the white house so they're not caught off guard by the disclosure. >> the administration's stated time line is that holder knew about the investigation in late august but the director of national intelligence, the nation's top intelligence officer of, first learned of the fbi case two months later on election day at 5:00 p.m. last thursday patraeus went to see the president offers resignation, and on friday, less than a week before congressional hearings are scheduled the patraeus resignation was accepted. lou: thank you. the general obviously will not be there to face the tough questions that were expected on the health. what would the lawmakers be zeroing in on or should he return on patraeus itself? >> is seems clear based on our reporting that their will be a call for the former cia director to testify, whether it will be an open hearing or closed or
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classified on capitol hill. the reason ratification issue here is so important is that one lawmaker said to me, look. when you have a situation where you know a cia director is within the scope of an fbi investigation, everything that person says or does, you will see through the prism, that they are under investigation, and that is important because just after the benghazi attack director patraeus told congress that he thought it was the result of this anti is on video. lawmakers said he seemed very wide to the administration's narrative on the attack, and that was in direct conflict with what the fbi and the national counter-terrorism center had briefed the lawmakers two days after the attack. there is a clear conflict in what we now know is that brett -- director patraeus statements were made when he was under investigation by the fbi. lou: and we now learn that patraeus was in libya, which could mean lots of things. and i don't know if for going to
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find out what he was there about and what he did learn, but it really raises a lot of questions , doesn't it? >> well, we go for our reporting is the cia director had this recent trip to egypt, and that was at the end of october. he was there to investigate and learn more about something called the nasser sell, a group that is part of the jamal network that has been figured in the benghazi attack. will we understand is that the director went to libya either before or after the stop in egypt, and he did go there to talk to his cia folks on the ground about the mx operation as well as the attack. again, it is his firsthand knowledge of what happened that evening and also his firsthand knowledge of the people who were there that day, which only he can present to capitol hill and not the acting director. lou: thank you very much. always terrific reporting. more on the patraeus scandal, political and national security
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implications, the impact on the benghazi probe, and, indeed, impact on the u.s. government throughout this broadcast. lou: with the election behind us to work in washington begins. president obama and speaker say they're ready to deal. are republicans selling of the voters sent to washington, leaving conservative joins us with the answers. ready for the recession? wall street warning washington, but with just 39 days left, can washington get a deal done? [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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♪ lou: in tonight's moneyline, stocks finished just above where they began in light holiday trading as we celebraae veterans day. banks and government offices closed. wall street analysts saying the market reflected investor
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caution about what, if anything, congress will do about the fiscal cliff. forty-nine days away and counting. the dow and nasdaq and the s&p, light trading volume sincee3 columbus day. two and a half million shares. commodity markets were open. oil slipped $0.50. the only excitement in the market, the failure of 216 companies to trade through the nyse's system. stocks like cbs, united healthcare still trading with orders a round other platforms, just not the new york exchanges because it ran into a technical problem as it is moving to the universal platform. just a little glitch there. it did not stop from trading. and the new york exchange will determine the official closing price for the affected securities consolidated reading of last sale prices. think of trying to help them stay within the law. a software fix will be applied to fix the problem. joining me now, global head of
7:17 pm
international economic. great to have you here. let's start with, there seems to be a little sense that these guys, these guys being the president of the united states and congress, specifically the speaker actually want to do something about the fiscal cliff. did you get that read today? >> i think it is increasingly clear that they are realizing if they don't act, the implications for the economy are going to be truly first order. with growing over the cliff, holding their risk of recession in tutus it -- 2013, and that is not good for anybody's political future. lou: not good for anyone's political future, but i am getting increasingly less interested in political futures on the part of these folks and a lot more interested in the futures of 23 million people who still don't have jobs or underemployed. 8 million people who are working part-time and one full-time jobs . the list goes on. 5 million people who have been out of work for six months or
7:18 pm
longer. i guess what i'm saying here is, what about there future and why in the world can't we come to a resolution here before we go to a january 1st and watch all of these triggers go into effect? >> the key economic question, the central economic question of the next year to is what will it take to get the corporate sector to startthiring and investing again. to put those millions of unemployed folks back to work and to start expanding the scale of production, and i think bottom line is that the corporates are waiting for resolution of uncertainty. lou: what if i am one of those guys. i raise my hand. i don't care about the big behemoth's. because the 60-70 percent of the jobs are being created by small business. i want to get those folks moving, get small business men and women back on and i want to see them just create jobs after job. >> absolutely.
7:19 pm
i think that the argument for the small firm sector is even more compelling than it is for the large firms. they need to know what their taxes are going to be. they need to know what the regulatory environment is going to be. they need to hhve an element of confidence before they're going to go out and start hiring again. right now, the large firms sector is under down, the small firm ector is down 15 at 20 feet tall waiting for some safety to come out again. so it is really incumbent upon washington to find the regulatory tax and fiscal landscape in a positive way. lou: of want to go through some of your outlook. you are saying that if we go over the cliff, tax hikes and spending cuts will translate into sequestration and the lapse of the bush tax cuts. the tax hikes would translate into a reduction in economic growth of 4%. that's automatic recession. >> absolutely. so the fiscal cliff is a
7:20 pm
contraction in the government impulse and the economy of 4-5% of gdp. i would say in the first order that will hit and reduce economic growth from 2 percent down to-1,-2 very easily. lou: and your outlook on employment, unemployment dropping -- dropping, in my dreams, rising from just under 8% to 9 and a half percent. no real unemployment right now is -- if we were inclusive and going through the numbers, i mean, you're talking about devastation. i mean, they're acting like this is a lot in the park. >> absolutely. i think that the joke is economists can't agree on anything, but there is broad agreement in the economics community that going over the cliff and even pretending like we're going over the cliff has costs. going over the cliff is a
7:21 pm
monumental mistake. lou: how did you react when you heard senator patty murray in washington state, maybe we ought to just go over that cliff, kind of sort things out? i have heard a number of people. i was shocked at her because she is otherwise a rather sensible and intelligent person. >> a share, unmitigated terror. it will take us to a very, very painful place. very, very painful. i am hopeful that their will be able to come together and reach an agreement to avoid it, but going over, even if it's only temporary, even if it's only the so-called bungee jump, going over for a few months, then you are looking still at the risk of recession next year. lou: risk of recession. in your judgment, would it be helpful, profoundly helpful for congress and this president to agree that they will leave everything, in other words, create a status "for negotiations on a reform of the tax code that would take place of the course of 6-9 months next
7:22 pm
year and hold in advance any changes, just simply stopped an3 for the first time in some time have our congress and president actually think through a public policy. >> absolutely. tax cut reform on the one hand, intel now reform and the other. if congress and the president move in that direction it would be a very, very positive signal, the political process is actually functioning. lou: real quickly. we're out of time. simpson bowles, is that a reasonable template? lou: thank you for being here. >> now let's bring you up today. the newest james bond movie. it blew away the competition, as you might have guessed. the 23rd found hall then nearly 88 million. the biggest opening ever in the franchise 50 year history. disney's reckitt ralph came in second, 303 million.
7:23 pm
third place in its second weekend, more han 15 million. as you had been watching steven spielberg's lincoln movie promotions, it opened in only 11 theaters over the weekend, 11 theaters bringing in just under a million dollars. it will expand to 1500 this coming weekend, the smallest opening for any spielberg film since he was probably 14 or 15 years old. we are coming right back. next, the sudden departure of general patraeus raising more questions. what is the truth behind his resignation? here to sort out the answers. and president obama's says he is open to compromise, so long as everyone does exactly what he tells them to. we're coming right back. why conservatives still matter.
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♪ lou: president obama meeting with leaders from both parties this week to talk about the fiscal cliff. the president and speaker say they're ready to compromise. my next guest says conservatives are a little tired of republican leaders compromising. joining us now, conservative hq, one of the country's leading conservatives. good to have you with us. bill kristol is -- i know i not gone into shock or surprise you. you know this well. bill kristol said, talking with chris wallace, the leaders in the republican party and the leaders in the conservative movement has to pull back, let people flow of new ideas, the scream and yell when one person says, you know what, it won't kill the country of we raise taxes a little. a little on millionaires. you don't like that. >> well, not at all. you know, compromise has come to mean one thing, i guess the last 50 years that i have been
7:28 pm
involved in politics at the national level, we grow government. we compromise on the size of the growth, but at the end of the day the government power increases, the individual's power is reduced, and taxes go up and spending goes up and we keep kicking the can down the road. in people don't like that. that is one reason why the republicans did so poorly in this election. they have a very poor image. the brand needs major repair. lou: a lot of -- it looks like millions, millions of folks, and it's interesting, no one is talking about this except on this broadcast, but it looks like ron paul supporters sat this one out. it looks like evangelicals, in large measure, said this one out . social conservatives, if you will. i don't know about the rest of the conservatives, but you know, we have to move ahead here with this country. a fiscal cliff looming, and i love that word, limning now goes with fiscal cliff.
7:29 pm
what are we to do? give us the resolution of the fiscal cliff and what looks to be the biggest tax cut in our country's history, the onset of obamacare taxes, some 20 of them, and over $1 trillion in reduction in government spending at the same time. >> this is a -- it is a mess. and we know -- lou: as they say, got that. >> both sides are posturing. if history is any guide, lou, at the end of the date the republicans will basically caved and given to something that the democrats insist on. democrats are a lot tougher. obama is tougher than the republicans. lou: did you say smarter. did you say smarter? >> no. tougher. no. not smarter. lou: we are starting to see -- you know, here's the thing. what do you want to do? we are looking at all of this. we know what it is.
7:30 pm
we just had a leading global economist tell us we are going to see over a 10% unemployment rate in this country, of 4 percent reduction in the economy if this thing goes over the cliff. i just want to know how we will avoid that. >> well, it's not my job. it is the republican leaders, the ones that got us into this mess. the other republican leaders that got us into this mess. it is their job to get this out. we have the rise of the tea party in recent years because of the failure of republican leaders. they have failed for decades and decades. people are tired of it, and that is why when they are the face of the party, they were in a '06 and 08 in 2012 from the people reject that. when the tea party and rand paul and ron paul and marco rubio, the tea party is the face of the opposition, people respond. they like that. the republicans have themselves in a mess, and that don't know how to get them out. that is their job.
7:31 pm
our job is to try to primaries republicans and take over the party. that's what we have to do. republicans are going to be in the wilderness. we have to replace them and look forward to 2014 in the primary. a failed republican leaders. lou: we thank you for being with us. much more on the possibility of a deal in the fiscal cliff and which party, which party we will compromise first and best? the "a-team" is next. david axelrod is to keep as mustache. now he is clutching. the "a-team" is here to decide whether the country is in jeopardy. we are on our way to the fiscal cliff, but we do have a lot going for us, including lots of oil and gas. a new study shows american dominance is within reach. more fallout in the patraeus scandal. how long did the fbi know and
7:32 pm
did they sit on the information? why did this candle break just before the head of the cia was set to testify on benghazi. we are joined to sort through the answers.
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♪ lou: biographer paula bridewell faces questions about whether she reveal classified an affirmation about the benghazi attack that she was privy to because, perhaps, for relationship with then cia director david patraeus. to assess all of this and that second day of shelling by the israelis into syria, we are joined by a senior editor for the washington free begin, fox news middle east expert. good to have you both year. let me begin with you. what we are now watching, i series of time lines.
7:36 pm
the cia timeline on benghazi. we have them military timeline. we have the paulo bridewell timeline, if you will. this is getting to be extraordinarily complicated, and it has some very peculiar dimensions to it that suggest we have a long way to go to know what this administration was thinking and why. do you agree? >> i do agree, and i would come to it from this perspective. general patraeus is a central figure for the american public, congress, all of us to understand what really happened. for the simple reason, he is the leading expert for so many years. he led the surge. he knows them. he oversaw the surge in afghanistan against that tell a ban. he was the head of center, overseeing the whole region, and he was the director of the cia. i would think that he could help us enormously in answering questions. number one, the training camps
7:37 pm
around been gauzy, we saw that in the cable, they perceive as a threat or not and when the attack occurred, perceived as an attack. third, why was there not a reaction in order to strike back? lou: i want to know why in the world there was no decision to help ford and americans. i want to know why and a world we add advanced knowledge that there were ten militias and groups there, including the organization's all active and operating and encamped in that region around benghazi and eastern libya. i don't understand why you are asking for affirmation from patraeus for these things when what we really need to know is him of what in the world was he thinking when the place, the consulate was attacked in the
7:38 pm
amex and for americans are losing their lives as a result. don't you think that is the real issue? >> well, look. i think that all depends on what was the assessment just before. if this consulate was on some pacific island and we were attacked, yes, we would be hours, maybe days to figure out who these people work. there were ten training camps, so when the attack began the only enemy force in the area was [talking over each other] death. that is why i think the order should have been protect that area because they are attacking yes. i don't know why the order was not given. lou: what would be the question that you would want patraeus to answer before congress? what do you see as the most important questions right now? >> i think the most important question is what was the cia doing in benghazi? clear this was part of a covert action operation. covert action is not necessarily clandestine spy stuff. it is my secret, so there is
7:39 pm
obviously either some gun running going on from libya to syria, probably also some training a militia. the real problem was, first, there was not really a consulate. it was a diplomatic compound, and the security was put in charge of this militia, which has been described as islamist light. lou: let me cut through all that. we don't care whether it's a consulate, what you call it, whether you call it a special operations mission, whether you call it a covert paramilitary operation, i eat, cia. we want to know what happens when four americans, including the u.s. ambassador call for help and there is no response from the government and, of all places, bin gauzy, which we knew to be a hotbed of al qaeda related organizations, terrorist activity. don't you agree? >> oh, yes. there should have been a security force there. and that is the real question. why wasn't there security on the
7:40 pm
anniversary of the september 11 the tax? this is really a securities scandal of the first magnitude. lou: quickly, i want to get both of your reactions to me if i may. already over time, but we have this woman the talking about effectively terrorists detainee's at the cia and next, talking them seemingly, with certain knowledge and raising the question where she received that knowledge, what are your thoughts about the games that are being played here by all involved, that is the administration, the cia, patraeus himself, broad well, how do you see it very quickly? >> look. in a quick way i think that whenever that presence was, it could have been a consulate, compound, cia, detention center, whenever. what puzzles me, lou, is that in one of the cables there was a question. there are trending up to five training centers of al qaeda, we
7:41 pm
are not sure about their intentions, if they want to harm american spirit that is a failure in interpretation of the threat ever not sure about that certainly when they attack us. basically we're going to be surprised. whatever the result is, there was a failure. lou: quickly, your final thoughts. >> well, clearly an extramarital affair was not really the cause of bringing down the cia director. to me there was either related to some incident, having to do with benghazi and his forthcoming testimony, or it could even be more mundane about internal cia politics. the agency in the past has used secret affirmation to defeat bureaucratic rivals. they did that to get rid of james angleton in the 70's. they used it against porter goss more recently when one of his aides, they resurrected a shoplifting thing to discredit the director. so those are a lot of the things that could be behind the scenes. lou: what is standing here is
7:42 pm
that all of these developments here in the last week seemed to have been designed to put the cia at the forefront of this discussion because until then no one, to my knowledge, was suggesting that the cia had a determining role in the events of september 11th and the failures of september 11th. we are going to continue obviously to follow the story as closely as we possibly can and to answer as many of these questions as we can. the moment, we thank you for being here. >> thank you. lou: up here tomorrow, we are joined by governor mike huckabee , former cia covert operatives gary bernstein, and wealth and poverty author about fiscal cliffs and the idea that either party, whether the president or congress, would send the country over the fiscal cliff and consign as to recession and higher unemployment. what in the world are they thinking? stay with us. the election has ended. david axelrod has new plants.
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lou: obamacare goes into full effect in 2014. more than and other teeseven dozen major countries, but john's, the ceo of apple bees, ceo of a franchise in new york about 40 franchises, also announcing he would do the same. take issue with a portion of the law that says companies with more than 50 workers must provide health care insurance or pay $80,000 worker penalty. meanwhile, medical device manufacturer says it has to cut nearly 1200 jobs because of obamacare tax on medical devices and if you think that some sort of petty partisan response, not so. the heir to the striker corporation founder john
7:47 pm
strikers family, john striker, one of the president's leading fund-raisers, one of the top five donated more than $2 million. the company making clear it is in direct response to what happens as a result of obamacare . the forecast is that sharp reversal from some previous reports. remain on top until 2035. not only that, the iea says those countries could become self-sufficient by 2035. and exporter of natural gas within seven years. so much for all those clever, snarky son of a gun to look down their noses when many republicans and conservatives talk about energy independence. take that. up next, republicans and democrats bracing for a deal on avoiding the fiscal glass. the "a-team" will be here.
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♪ lou: joining me now, the "a-team," author of what the bleep just happens. wall street journal opinion page editor, executive editor of the weekly standard. i know that you are from time to time associated with bill kristol who shocked a lot of people by saying, what will it hurt a few millionaires have to pay a little more in taxes? rather than ask you what in the world is he thinking, i'm going to ask you, what was the offer he referred to on the part of president obama that the republicans could accept? i missed the offer part.
7:52 pm
>> here is the problem with the republicans when they're talking about whether or not to go along with raising taxes on those not millionaires, but over $200,000 a year, if you're a single person. republicans are negotiating with themselves. there has been no offer from president obama. republicans say they want some very serious reform of entitlement. i have not heard any offer from president obama on that or anything else. look, i think it is a triumph. if we are going to raise taxes on those making over $200,000 a year, at this time it is just a triumph of ideology over economic growth and job creation. it's crazy to do it. with all the other taxes that will go up. lou: the things that they are going to cut? why doesn't the discussion ever began with cutting the size of government. >> it never involves cutting spending which is the true issue. democrats have laid the framework for this conversation. they do have the white house and senate.
7:53 pm
they are in control of the narrative, and the republicans bread is right, they are not fighting back. this conversation is about rates and revenue. not s single mention of cutting spending. lou: once this egg white. turning to benghazi first to resign in shame. >> what is absolutely essential year, the cia and next. our colleague confirm this with resources and extended the report. the cia denies this saying we can hold anyone under this executive order. what does this mean? it means that we may have a policy scandal on our hands. the one thing that was not clear -- lou: hold that thought.
7:54 pm
jennifer is always complete and reporting, and so we will find out what you think is missing from a report as we continue to explore been gauzy, patraeus, and the mark that is washington and its coming unstuck. the "a-team" continues in one moment. sit with us.
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
7:57 pm
lou: back with the a-team, james your thoughts. >> what we didn't hear from jennifer griffin is whether this detention facility was authorized by the president or a
7:58 pm
cia rogue operation, --e either way. lou: i want to stipulate we'll forgive her for not having it. >> she did raise the question, either way, this is a policy approximately scandal, what seems to have happened is -- lou: another reason for a cover. >> also explaining the need to keep up appear ances -- action appearances might explain why the americans were left to die, that is the crucial point. lou: well made, fred barnes. >> the questions, point to the general, general petraeus will have to testify under oath whether he wants to or not, he will have to explain why cia was sayyng this is a protest again this anti-muslim video even his station chief and libya and everyone else in the
7:59 pm
intelligence community and defense department was saying the opposite, was he compromised because the white house and he knew about this scandal brewing with broadwell. >> what were they covering up? the detention facility that was outlawed by president in the u.s. in january 2009. was it a combination or neither. lou: it turns outs sex scandal may be central to the very mess that is benghazi. thank you very much. impeach it fred, monica, and james, thank you. time for your comments, paul, says, god bless all who served this nation in uniform. we could have not said it better, we thank you for your commen

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